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Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics An interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union

NPG – Volume 9, issue 5/6

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Page(s) 387-387
Full article (PDF, 15 KB)   Special issue

Scaling in the space climatology of the auroral indices: is SOC the only possible description?   
N. W. Watkins
Page(s) 389-397
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 276 KB)   Special issue

Evaluation on the analogy between the dynamic magnetosphere and a forced and/or self-organized critical system   
A. T. Y. Lui
Page(s) 399-407
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 167 KB)   Special issue

Extremum statistics: a framework for data analysis   
S. C. Chapman, G. Rowlands, and N. W. Watkins
Page(s) 409-418
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 274 KB)   Special issue

Fractal time statistics of AE-index burst waiting times: evidence of metastability   
G. Consolini and P. De Michelis
Page(s) 419-423
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 189 KB)   Special issue

Neural network prediction of geomagnetic activity: a method using local Hölder exponents   
Z. Vörös and D. Jankovičová
Page(s) 425-433
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 212 KB)   Special issue

Chaos in magnetospheric radio emissions   
A. C.-L. Chian, E. L. Rempel, and F. A. Borotto
Page(s) 435-441
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 844 KB)   Special issue

On the properties of turbulent boundary layer over polar cusps   
S. Savin, J. Büchner, G. Consolini, B. Nikutowski, L. Zelenyi, E. Amata, H. U. Auster, J. Blecki, E. Dubinin, K. H. Fornacon, H. Kawano, S. Klimov, F. Marcucci, Z. Nemecek, A. Pedersen, J. L. Rauch, S. Romanov, J. Safrankova, J. A. Sauvaud, A. Skalsky, P. Song, and Yu. Yermolaev
Page(s) 443-451
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 388 KB)   Special issue

A simple model for the earthquake cycle combining self-organized complexity with critical point behavior   
W. I. Newman and D. L. Turcotte
Page(s) 453-461
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 698 KB)   

Dromion solutions for nonlinear electron acoustic waves in space plasmas   
S. S. Ghosh, A. Sen, and G. S. Lakhina
Page(s) 463-475
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 458 KB)   

Neural-network-based prediction techniques for single station modeling and regional mapping of the foF2 and M(3000)F2 ionospheric characteristics   
T. D. Xenos
Page(s) 477-486
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 368 KB)   

Baroclinic instability of a symmetric, rotating, stratified flow: a study of the nonlinear stabilisation mechanisms in the presence of viscosity   
R. Mantovani and A. Speranza
Page(s) 487-496
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 317 KB)   

On the problem of optimal approximation of the four-wave kinetic integral   
V. G. Polnikov and L. Farina
Page(s) 497-512
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 485 KB)   

A minimalist model of characteristic earthquakes   
M. Vázquez-Prada, Á. González, J. B. Gómez, and A. F. Pacheco
Page(s) 513-519
Abstract   Full article (PDF, 163 KB)   

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