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Volume 25, issue 4
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25, 765-807, 2018
© Author(s) 2018. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Special issue: Numerical modeling, predictability and data assimilation in...

Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25, 765-807, 2018
© Author(s) 2018. This work is distributed under
the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Review article 12 Nov 2018

Review article | 12 Nov 2018

Review article: Comparison of local particle filters and new implementations

Alban Farchi and Marc Bocquet
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Data assimilation as a deep learning tool to infer ODE representations of dynamical models
Marc Bocquet, Julien Brajard, Alberto Carrassi, and Laurent Bertino
Nonlin. Processes Geophys. Discuss.,,, 2019
Manuscript under review for NPG
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Diagnosing spatial error structures in CO2 mole fractions and XCO2 column mole fractions from atmospheric transport
Thomas Lauvaux, Liza I. Díaz-Isaac, Marc Bocquet, and Nicolas Bousserez
Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.,,, 2019
Manuscript under review for ACP
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Calibration of a multi-physics ensemble for greenhouse gas atmospheric transport model uncertainty estimation
Liza I. Díaz-Isaac, Thomas Lauvaux, Marc Bocquet, and Kenneth J. Davis
Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.,,, 2018
Manuscript under review for ACP
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Chaotic dynamics and the role of covariance inflation for reduced rank Kalman filters with model error
Colin Grudzien, Alberto Carrassi, and Marc Bocquet
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25, 633-648,,, 2018
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Parametric covariance dynamics for the nonlinear diffusive Burgers equation
Olivier Pannekoucke, Marc Bocquet, and Richard Ménard
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25, 481-495,,, 2018
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Subject: Predictability, Data Assimilation | Topic: Climate, Atmosphere, Ocean, Hydrology, Cryosphere, Biosphere
Exploring the sensitivity of Northern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation to different surface temperature forcing using a statistical–dynamical atmospheric model
Sonja Totz, Stefan Petri, Jascha Lehmann, Erik Peukert, and Dim Coumou
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 26, 1-12,,, 2019
Data assimilation of radar reflectivity volumes in a LETKF scheme
Thomas Gastaldo, Virginia Poli, Chiara Marsigli, Pier Paolo Alberoni, and Tiziana Paccagnella
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25, 747-764,,, 2018
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Application of ensemble transform data assimilation methods for parameter estimation in reservoir modeling
Sangeetika Ruchi and Svetlana Dubinkina
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25, 731-746,,, 2018
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Nonlinear effects in 4D-Var
Massimo Bonavita, Peter Lean, and Elias Holm
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25, 713-729,,, 2018
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A novel approach for solving CNOPs and its application in identifying sensitive regions of tropical cyclone adaptive observations
Linlin Zhang, Bin Mu, Shijin Yuan, and Feifan Zhou
Nonlin. Processes Geophys., 25, 693-712,,, 2018
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Short summary
Data assimilation looks for an optimal way to learn from observations of a dynamical system to improve the quality of its predictions. The goal is to filter out the noise (both observation and model noise) to retrieve the true signal. Among all possible methods, particle filters are promising; the method is fast and elegant, and it allows for a Bayesian analysis. In this review paper, we discuss implementation techniques for (local) particle filters in high-dimensional systems.
Data assimilation looks for an optimal way to learn from observations of a dynamical system to...